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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Monday-dumped out yarn and donated hand knits all over the living room.

Tuesday-North Coast Knitting Guild meeting.

Wednesday-Knitwits tonight, cleaning today, maybe?

The guild meeting yesterday was a panel discussion of published knit designers. The topic- how to get in print or make a career in knit design. We are gifted with talent in this area and w/o naming the whole panel- suffice to say-I was inspired. When you have a passion for something and it takes up a lot of space in your brain, you tend to get carried away with the possibilities. These thoughts may fall into the Fantasy file. Only time will tell.

How does one reconcile the demands on their time with the desires of their hearts? Age old question applied to every facet of life imaginable. Career, education, motherhood, parenting, marital relationship, family(immediate and extended), friends, community, recreation, housing, and anything else we struggle with.

As a mom of 3, I have been known to remind my children that the only person that they have the power to change is Themselves. I give great, free advice. I find it difficult to follow. For instance, today I want to knit and float in the pool, with an occasional load of laundry done in between. Is that wrong?

The progression of my tan is in direct correlation with my respect for the demands on my time. I am a little too tan right now.

I started a ribbed vest Sunday and will finish today in the name of efficiency. The vacuuming, dishes and dusting have to wait. Do you see how an occasional inclement day would motivate me to do the right thing? Then again ...


sharon said...

Marsha, this Blog is awesome I love reading about your day. Ha! It's just as exciting as having three kids five and under!!

HeadKnitwit said...

3 kids under 5 trumps me every time! xoxo