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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Too Hot

Most of the country is in the grip of August heat. I am too hot to cook. I am too hot to clean. I am way to hot to do laundry. If I go to the cool grocery store I will buy convenience food that requires a microwave at most. I'd prefer not to. I need to get the minimum amount of duty dispensed with so that I can take my knitting to the local air conditioned Barnes and Noble, get an "icedsugarfree vanillanonfatlatte" (yes, that is all one word in my vocabulary) and start working on a sample tote bag for a class I'll be teaching in September.

This tote is a signature bag I have been making and selling for the last 3 years. You knit it 30 inches wide and 50 inches tall with your favorite feltable yarns. Lining and trimming make it all yours. I am usually pleased with the unpredictable outcome. I search the world over in my travels for cool huge buttons and have an enviable collection. I love to knit and felt bags. It is a passionate pleasure. I sell them at a local craft fair and in some retail shops. Each one is so individual and the end result is driven by the process and changes that occur as you go along. I promise to teach myself to post pictures so you can see some of my results. Fortunately, I have photographed each one before I let it go.

Speaking of letting go, school is about to start and another year closer to adulthood marches my brood. College girl is coming home for a short visit next week. Can't wait to see her and spend some mom time with her. I miss my girl. This house is heavy on the testosterone and I can hardly breathe some days. My cousin Diane is coming Friday for the weekend and we always have a great time. Sunday a breath of fresh air blows into town from D.C. I hope we get to spend some time cooking and eating and laughing together Christine. Dog days of summer are ending like a finish line at the Greyhound races!

Just want to shout out to Annie Modesitt on their progress at the Mayo Clinic. I am so happy that things are looking up right now. Check out her site for all the details. Peace and I'm outta here...

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Anonymous said...

ooo you mentioned me : ) hehe... it better be hot when i get there! and it sounds to me like i might be able to catch diane and christine!!!? maybe? add pictures mom