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Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Knows- It Could Be a Good Day?

Wow! I guess you will have to take my word for it- I have not had a good day for a while. The details of ridiculous messes are too maudlin, mundane and unbelievable to share. The heat wave here in SoCal has added to my bad days. I hate the inescapable heat. When it is 95 outside, my house has the tendency to be much hotter inside, due to the westward facing disposition of an all glass wall. Even the pool heats up to a tepid 90 degrees, simulating a warm bath, as opposed to a refreshing dip.

My student status has left me reeling with the amount of homework and just plain redundant busy work. I can only conclude that my profs have decided that students are pampered youth with no responsibilities beyond their classes. I am shocked to find that attitude at the CC level. I spent the weekend in front of a fan, drinking ice water and diet coke with a hot laptop on my lap (imagine that), doing homework.

I forced myself to go to Church, for the A/C. All of the public A/C places were packed with heat escapees. There wasn't a chair available in Barnes and Noble. I wish I had time to go find a nice air conditioned place to sit and knit. I need the respite.

Time management was never hard for me when I lived the live of a happy housewife and volunteer extraordinaire. Now a day planner is my new best friend. We are just getting to know each other and we have had some missteps. I have got to work this out. I must learn to schedule in some down time. By down time, I mean knitting time. I have to schedule my "good day" time. I have yet to make it to the beach this summer. Taking care of survival and being exhausted has filled my calender. So, my goal is to take some simple knitting to the beach before Labor Day. If it works out, it will be a good day...

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