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Sunday, September 6, 2009

What A Lovely Collar You are Wearing!

Steezy has been sporting a new look. The Elizabethan Collar is the trend for wounded dogs around the world. She let me know that she needed special attention Wednesday morning. She flew into my room and jumped on the bed. She has not done that since I changed beds in June. This new one is too tall, I assumed. She was propelled by pain! Her nose was very swollen and getting bigger by the minute. Evan and I took some photos before he left for school. I got online to research dog noses and the maladies that could cause such weird swelling. The consensus of the websites all pointed to a trip to the Vet. Oh, dread. We people, do not have health insurance, how on earth could I afford a trip to the $Vet$. Her breathing was becoming labored and my guilt-o-meter was on the rise.

We got in before noon and out just after 400+ dollars. The Dr. thinks she was bitten by a venomous spider, perhaps a Black Widow. The yard abounds with them. He did not think it was a scorpion. I have killed three of those in the house during this heatwave.

I have had to become a spider killer in my new incarnation of solitary living. I used to lose it when a creepy crawly creature shared the same real estate with me. Living in this neighborhood has desensitized me. Never in my lifetime did I think I would take scorpions, spiders of every shape and size, snakes (including rattlers), stink bugs, millipedes, beetles, hummingbird moths(look it up) and ant infestations in STRIDE!

So, Steezy recovers. She wears her collar well and takes her medications like a trooper. Her cone needed a trim of about 2 inches all the way around to keep her from hitting every wall and edge of anything in the house. My shins and calves are covered in bruises and scratches as she seems to delight in butting up against my legs at every chance. I find some relief by putting my feet up on the coffee table and knitting one or two rows on a future hand bag to sell...

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