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Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Can You Find My Knit Wear

Someone kindly asked where they might find some of my hand knits for sale. I have a shop at etsy. etsy is a website for crafters to sell all things handmade. The selection is amazing, the prices are superb, and the idea of a forum for us craft people is cutting edge fantastic! There is a mystery as to what the name means? All I know is that Martha Stewart has featured it on her show numerous times and rumor has it she wants to buy it.

My store is called Headknitwit. What else? I am trying to link my shop to my blog and to Facebook. I have spent many hours doing tutorials and I have not had success. My dear, competent, computer genius, friend Heather, will have to help me. I will bribe her with a swim and dinner. In the meantime, go to, search for my shop by entering HeadKnit Wit, and then shop away. I have more goodies to price and upload. The first ten customers will receive a free gift with purchase.

I have some just finished new stock to add to the shop, so keep checking back. When I figure things out, I will have a button on the sidebar that you will be able to activate. Much easier shopping. Check out etsy for all of your Christmas shopping. I am amazed every day by the talent and the reasonable prices. Happy shopping everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know about your shop on etsy! Fabulous! Fabulous prices too! Wishing you many sales!
I think that blue scarf may be calling my name...