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Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School For Real

Every Fall since I began to write this blog, I have waxed poetically (my opinion) on the merits of the sensation of returning to the comfort of a routine schedule. I am not one that functions well with the surprise element. I willingly admit that I like a chartered course. I am not a fan of unannounced change. I am a planner and when the plans get changed my first response is to get flustered. There is a difference to me between going with an unstructured agenda (that's a plan) and having the structure that is set in place, take a sudden turn.

So, following a syllabus is a good thing. A pop quiz is a bad thing. I am learning to take deep breathes, allow some time to adjust to the change, and eventually reset my sails.

This is a process. Last weeks math quiz took me by surprise. It was open homework notes. Unfortunately, I write my homework notes on the back of my class notes and was unable to use them. So much for saving paper and being green! I realized after I turned in the quiz that I solved every problem, BUT, I forgot to write the formulas. I have spent my whole life getting to the solution as quickly as possible. The process, showing the steps, had no value. Only the solution mattered. This is no longer so in school. I am resetting my sails.

Some of you have wondered about my schedule. It is as follows:
Monday- Homework, housekeeping, laundry
Tuesday- School 10-3:30
Wednesday- Bible Study 8:50 Work 12-5 KnitWits 5:30-9
Thursday- School 10-3:30 Work 5-9
Friday- Work 12-4
Weekends- Ryan is home every other weekend

I work as a personal chef for a very ill man in RSF. It is part of the services offered by my Home Help Care business. It is a challenge. He is a fat free, gluten free, low sodium, low sugar Vegetarian diet. I plan menus, shop and then cook in his home. It is a great kitchen to use. The heat has been torturous. I was caring for 2 other elderly people in their homes. One passed away 2 weeks ago. My 95 year old has evolved to needing 24 hour care. I cannot provide that. The nature of the business is that it is finite.

Homework and studying consume a lot of my time. I am retraining my brain to be a student. I see that it is possible and I am relaxing into being a student again. In the meantime, I have very little socializing time. I do still decompress with knitting. I finished a wool hand bag last week and have started a lace cotton top as a nod to the heat wave. Knitting is my tranquilizer. When I think it is impossible to learn one more thing, or keep moving forward, I pick up the needles and knit a row or two. Progress that is tangible, is a comfort. I have a box of UFO's (unfinished objects) and I plan to give my attention to that box as I keep plugging along.

I have built in recreation in my schedule with Knitwits. If you are a knitter, or want to be one, I am there every Wednesday. Come by for a glass of wine and some tangible progress...

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Gena said...

You're one incredible woman! Yes I knew that before you had a sudden momentous change happen in your life, in June. Know that I continue to hold you in my thoughts, prayers and heart.