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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Measure Twice, Cut Once

This is a carpenter's rule. When casting on with long tail method, the measurement of the yarn required to cast on the number of stitches called for in a pattern can be calculated several ways.

If the needles are single digit, I pull out one inch of yarn per required stitches. If the needle size is double digit, I pull out 2 inches per cast on stitch. If the tail is held in the front when casting on you will get more stitches per inch of yarn.

Recently, both Heike and I had similar situations with baby blankets we were knitting. We cast on a calculated number of stitches and started knitting. Half way through the blanket we realized that we had cast on too many stitches for our little projects. Both looked like they may be suitable for twin size bedspreads!

We had to frog the projects. Unraveling large pieces of knitting is known as frogging. Because you "rippit, rippit." I ripped and she rolled the yarn back into balls of reusable yarn. I felt so bad for her and all of the hours of creative knitting that she had done and then undone. I recast the appropriate number of stitches and knit a fair amount back for her. Mine I put away for another day. I will revisit it, next year...

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Anonymous said...

Do you auction off or sell your beautiful creations on-line anywhere, Marsha? Could you please put something on your blog as to what pieces you might have for sale. You may lready have an area on your blog for this type of thing...Sorry, I just couldn't find it. Thank you!