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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will Obama Care Work?

For the first time in my life, I am an uninsured citizen. So are two out of three of my children. Food for thought. As a formerly smug recipient of excellent health care benefits, I find myself pondering the fear associated with this situation. As a faithful faith filled woman, trusting God to take care of my health might be sensible if I had the body of a trained athlete. I am softer than that?! Okay, I am softer than my bed pillows.

I have looked at nationalized health care. It only seems like it is better than nothing. My friends from Canada seek care in the USA whenever possible. Research shows with National Healthcare that the older you get, the less "necessary" treatment becomes. I would hate to think that life saving treatments are denied because they are deemed "elective." Most of us would elect to live.

I want to be insured. I want to know that I could go to the hospital in need and the need would be met. But, who pays? Somebody pays. I have been actively searching for work for almost two years. No luck. I will continue to look. I will try to treat my body better and make it last.

Yesterday, I passed a gentleman with obviously dyed hair. He was probable in his late sixties. I remember when men just did not dye their hair. My first thought was, he is probably looking for work and trying to look younger. The competition is fierce. The young, fit, educated minions are all flooding the job market. If Darwinism is true and survival belongs to the fittest- I am at the bottom rung.

Tomorrow I will go to the Student Health Center and pay $15 for a flu shot. I will take vitamins and try to eat better. I will seek 8 hour sleep as often as possible. Drink more water. Park farther away. Walk more. Learn to walk and knit...


Anonymous said...

You're right, its much better to think that life saving treatments are denied because the person doesnt have insurance and can't afford it. Or maybe its better to think that life saving treatments aren't denied, they just force people into financial ruin, which studies have shown adversely affects their health

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with anonymous. I know of a middle-aged cowboy without insurance, who suffered a heart attack. He was taken to an emergency room at a county hospital, had heart surgery (double by-pass possibly) and lived tell about it, without owing a dime! If the same person had had insurance, his deductible on said E.R visit and heart procedure would have cost him thousands!

Last year I paid over $6,000 in health insurance premiums and didn't go to the doctor once. It would be nice to have that 6K in my pocket now!

Just try to stay healthy and keep counting your blessings, Marsha! You can do it!!!