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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knitted Love

I left the bag behind a potted plant on the front porch. Tucked inside, is the much anticipated Black Manos Wool, "Four Seasons Throw." I hope it is safe and finds it way into the intended home soon. I hope Deb is not out of town?

I had finished the knitting last week and then got so busy with my hectic survival plan, that the blocking and finishing took place Wednesday morning. It spent the day drying under a fan while I was at my cooking gig. Then we were off to KnitWits to show off the finished project to my ladies. Thursday was show and share with my North Coast Knitters Guild friends. Some of the most talented knitters on the face of the earth. Humble and so talented, it was an honor to have them complimenting my work!

I am so happy to have it done and behind me. Knit during a heat wave and one of the worse seasons of my life, it is never the less, stitched with love and prayers for the friend that commissioned it. She is a lady of character and strength. There is power in the prayers that went into the knitting. My meditations and supplications, coupled with thanksgiving for the pleasure of knitting something so beautiful. I will always remember it.

Never under estimate the power of the hand crafted items in your life. From the endless projects wrought from the hands of your children, amateur and clumsy, to the most sophisticated pieces of original art. Know that the process of creation was as important as the finished prize. That you were the recipient is just pure pleasure and a blessing from the hands that did the creating. Wrap yourself up and feel the love...

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