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Monday, August 17, 2009

Brainless Projects = Simple Knits

I need a brain break. Projects that I can knit in my sleep. Something my hands can do by heart, rhythmic and soothing. A vacation from thinking. Triangle shawls fill the bill. I call them San Diego shawls. We cool off here every evening and the tank top that worked during the heat of the day, needs a thin layer to insulate against the evening cool off. The more colorful the better!

I have not taken very much time to enjoy life lately. Even though I live in paradise, I have taken it all for granted while learning to cope with unexpected life changes. I have not stepped foot in the sand once this summer. I plan to rectify that prior to Labor Day. My official end of summer.

I find myself in an uncanny position of going back to school this fall. August 25th, I will enter a college classroom with a goal for the first time in over 30 years. What! I cannot tell you where the time went or how it passed in the blink of an eye. How I became this age, in this circumstance is also beyond explanation. Being here and being purposeful has become my reason for moving forward. Every single day that is productive is a step in the right direction.

I cast on 3 stitches and knit a row. Then I had a stitch to each row as I go. After a few rows, I add a stitch at the beginning and the end of each row. As I get closer to the end of the project, I sometimes add a stitch across the row every 10 stitches once or twice to make a nice shawl tie.
It is a metaphor for the way I am living my life. Currently, I am at the beginning of my simple creation. Knitting a new life one stitch at a time. Adding another something, a bit at a time.
Slowly, without becoming overwhelmed, progressing. Want to knit along?

Grab some size 19 circular needles and a fine, nubby yarn. I like rayon, cottons, linen or silk blends. Cast on 3 sts and knit across. Make one into the first st every row for ten rows. Now, make one into the first and the last st of every row. As you continue to form your triangle, you can knit to the size you desire. When I get 100 sts on the needle I increase in the fist st, the last st and every 9th st across the row. Knit 2 more rows and bind off loosely. I love fringe. I collect silk ribbon in every imaginable color for fringe. Wrap your ribbon around a book with a hard cover that is the same size as the length of the fringe you desire. Cut along the bottom edge of the cover and you will have uniform insta-fringe. You can add the ribbon with a crochet hook as much or as little as you like. It is your brainless creation. Simply beautiful...


Anonymous said...

Wow...I love that blue/purple shawl. It even brings out the flowers in the background. Nice work!


Sunny said...

How much yard do you need to make this one? Can I do it with the mad skills you taught me on Wednesday? I think I want to make one of the with my other ball of yarn. I know I'll need to get some round needles. I'm almost done with my scarf and don't want to loose my new skills!