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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moon Over My Shoulder

The Moon is full and bright over my left shoulder. My single level home has long narrow windows at ceiling height all around the main rooms. In the morning the sun rises into the television screen and obliterates the screen. It is annoying and I do not always appreciate the window placement. Tonight the windows are my new favorite thing. They are the portal for the moonlight.

The moonlight is beautiful. It is the kind of light that makes everything look mysterious and lovely. The dog is jumpy as she sees moon shadows and imagines all kinds of threats and dangers in the night. She spends too much time alone now, and her anxiety is expressed by barking inappropriately.

I dropped a knitting needle on the floor. You may have mistakenly believed an intruder had entered the house. She is on full alert and 911 status. Too many changes.

The moon over my shoulder gives me a peaceful countenance and I will take that for now...

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