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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seaming and Blocking

A knit lesson. Finished work needs final attention to take it from "off the needles" to "masterpiece."

I made my kitchen table into the blocking board by covering it with a plastic sheet, a cotton blanket, a cotton quilt and a queen size fitted sheet of white cotton. Thick enough to pin into and absorbent enough for the blasts of steam from my Rowenta iron. I love that darn iron. It really delivers a shot of steam when you need it! I get excited by good tools. Irons, needles, cameras, computers, etc.

Some people use theirs beds, the patio, or even own a special blocking board. Me? I improvise.
So, how do three thin strips of knitted black wool become a beautiful throw? With seams aligned and stitched with a nice flat running stitch and the help of some stainless steel (non-rust) pins, the work begins. Steam, stretch and pin. Keep going until you have the size and shape you desire. Watch the lacework open. See the stitch patterns pop. It really does give you the sense of accomplishment.

I have had some steam applied to my life lately. I am stretching and being reshaped. This personal blocking into shape has not been without pain. I am hoping for a remarkable outcome...

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