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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wish You Were Here

It is bittersweet to go to MI this year. Sweet to celebrate with my 80 year young Aunt Lois on her actual Birthday. Sweet to see Deb and Tom on Crystal Lake. A spot that is near and dear to the heart of this family. Sweet that my BIL and SIL, John and Roxanne, will drive up north to see me and have a reunion. I love those two.

Bitter to be by myself. Bitter to have so much explaining to do when the story defies explanation. I found myself feeling like I had swallowed a bitter pill. My happy countenance had been dialed down to grumpy discontent.

How can one maintain such a dower outlook when faced with such beauty. The lakes of Michigan restore me. One finds comfort in the roots of their very existence. God is good. Wish you were here...

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