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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

UFO Sightings

Today was the first meeting of the NCKG. The program was presented by past president, Colleen Davis. I have no idea how old Colleen is. Let's just say she is a grandmother. Not like most of the grandmothers stereotyped in our fertile imaginations. I know she is a phenomenal professional knitter, designer, teacher and organizer. I do not always love her work, she specializes in free form knitting, but like all art created- I don't have to love it to appreciate it. Today her program was on combining fabric with knitting to create garments that are true designer originals. I was blown away. Every time she presents a program, I wonder why she doesn't sell her work. I would buy. Judiciously, yet surely. Her play on repeating geometric patterns from the fabric to the hand knit finishes was brilliant. Where does she find the time? Unfortunately, I could not stay after to photograph this work. I will when I can and will post.

I finished my busy day arriving at home with the groceries by 9pm. It was a late dinner for the boys and me. By the time things got squared away for the night it was 11pm. I poured a glass of Pinot Noir and leafed through some new knitting mags while watching the news and sorting the mail.

It got me to thinking about Colleen and the copious amounts of work she produces. I decided to review some of the UFO's that were actually just an arms length away from my well worn seat on this old couch. I cannot tell you exactly how many sweaters I have on needles that are 90% knit.It is a mystery to me why I seem to stop short of the finish line so often. (Not just in knitting.) Where are the Psychologist when you need them?

So weirdly enough, at 12:20 this am, I picked up where I left off 3 years ago and promise to finish this sweater in a week. Way back then I optimistically bought earrings and slacks to go with this sweater. The back, 2 fronts and 80% of both sleeves are done. It is reasonable timing. I mean finish. Buttons and all. So, to hold me accountable, here is a photo of the tweed wool that I still love. Unfortunately, my size has increased in the last few years, so this may have to be a gift - any takers?

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