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Sunday, January 13, 2008

On A Roll

No, I am not referring to the roll of stomach fat that I rest my computer on, as I type. Nor, the fact that the roll exists due to the long lost love affair that was renewed over the holidays with all things carbohydrate. A thick slice of panetonne (with butter) in the panini grill, makes the best toast you have ever had. The cup of tea to go with is an excellent warming agent for the long winter nights. It has been "frost on the pastures" cold here. So cold in fact, that the Mr. gets up, closes the doggie door and hops in a hot shower. This wakes the dog and she in turn arises to do her business in the house because her exit is locked shut. Fast forward to my awakening sometime later and having to clean the nasty business up before my coffee is brewed. If you called in the early hours and found me crappier, I mean crabbier than normal- now you know why.

When it gets cold in the house, many of my friends love to bake bread or make a nice roast for dinner. I make a pot of homemade soup every week and will find excuses to use the oven. The cold stimulates my knitting mojo too. Unfortunately, the calories expended knitting do not compensate for the carb consumption. You do the math: rolls = rolls.

It has been so cold that the idea of taking a shower remains just that some days. The PRN shower works because my level of activity is so low- I do not get dirty. A hibernation theory. My skinny friends tell me that they jump up and run around or exercise until they warm up all the way to sweaty! My motor is running, my mind and needles are flying, but my butt does not leave this couch.

It is a virtual aerobics program. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you do embark on this program. At least you will get up to go potty regularly. Do not consult your doctor and tell him about virtual aerobics, unless you are interested in a psych referral. I was going to post a photo of a fat belly for a laugh- but it dawned on me- someone might think it was my fat belly- not a stock photo from the web. Discretion is the better part of valor. Say thank you!

As you can see, I finished the #1 UFO sweater. In record time, no less. 4 days. It feels good to be done and see it folded in a drawer. It turned out nice and soft. It is a slubby wool and rayon tweed from Germany. I found the yarn receipt which shows I started it 5 years ago. With blocking it fits me well enough that I plan to shrink into it by Springs arrival. It is a cropped style and requires a little less hip than I now feature. I am actively in search of a suitable #2 UFO. I haven't decided yet which project to pursue. Garment or accessory? Simple or complex? Fortunately, the knitting for the new baby is done and the shower is at the end of the month in MI. I will wait to take photos in case the new mom is looking.

I am experiencing knitters conflict. I have books stacked up to read and they are gnawing at my read need. I am into 2 right now. "1000 Splendid Nights" for book club and the new Ken Follett sequel to "Pillars of the Earth" called "World Without End." It is over a thousand pages and too heavy to take on the plane. I must finish it this week and return it to my friend.

It is the middle of January. How did that happen? Brynn's trip to Africa has been canceled and we are praying that the people in service in Kenya will be safe. It is a desperate situation. Last night we watched "Blood Diamond" on Cinemax and I was grateful my girl would not be in the midst of danger. Prayers for peace. Prayers for safety. Prayers for love.

The past week has been busy with a planning meeting called for every committee and group that I belong to. You may think that a once a month commitment is no big deal. If you add enough of them to your schedule you will find your week full. Work resumed and 2 classes a week are it for me with Knitwits continuing strong in 2008. Our first meeting of the new year was Wednesday last and almost 20 ladies were back knitting and noshing. Life is as full as my schedule...

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