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Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Deliveries

I gave yarn to Christine for Christmas. She has so many allergies that I have learned not to knit for her unless she approves the yarn. While on a field trip to the Grove in San Diego with some fellow knitwits, I found some perfect creamy organic cotton and a silk/cotton blend in teal. She approved my purchase at dinner on Christmas.

Fast forward to New Year's day. I found myself with some "me" time and got to work. The teal color was so rich and smart, it called my name. These are one skein wonders so I just knit them in patterns of my own making. Simple and easy. I used size 11 needles. Cast on 20 sts. K 9 rows. Next row: K1, YO, K2tog. Repeat to end of row, (lace row). Knit 2 rows. Repeat these 3 rows for lace pattern. When you are near the end of the skein finish with nine rows of knitting following your last lace row. Bind off. Block with a nice steam to set and finish.

Helpful hint for using all of the skein with out guessing. I like to find the end of the skein and take the yarn from the end and wrap it around the needle 20 times(one for each st cast on), nine times. You can tie a slip knot here and drop the yardage into a baggie. This is what you will need to finish your last nine rows. You are now free to knit to the slip knot in your pattern. No yarn wasted by finishing too soon, or even worse- running out of yarn. See the WIP and the finished project. It was fun and fast.

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