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Monday, January 7, 2008

Alone At Last

Almost alone. Steezy is chewing a hand towel on the sofa next to me. I am getting back to normal slowly, but surely. Yesterday I finished 78 more "New Year/Christmas" cards and need to go have more photos printed and head to the post office for stamps. Turns out I have six packages to mail off that are remnants left behind by house guests. This is progress?

We had such a violent storm yesterday. It sounded like a twister. No damage-but I never sleep when the rain is whipping and the wind is gusting. We are intact, with minor roof leaks the only fallout. The skies are still rolling with heavy clouds. This weather is not over, so I better be on time for school pick up!

I have lots of pictures to share. Part of getting on track is updating this blog regularly. I have knitting photos to share and the free patterns that go with. I have completed 8 squares for the Afghans for Fire victims project. Our LYS, Common Threads, is sponsoring this worthy cause. It is on my list of to dos for today. So, I must post and run...

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