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Friday, January 18, 2008

No Time For My Sweater

Knitwits was fun on Wednesday with approximately 20 ladies all a buzz for our knit-along (KAL) scheduled to begin Feb 6th. We are going to do the Design Source pattern called Four Seasons Throw. It is knit in Manos del Uruguay Wool. It features a 12 square design with each square a different stitch pattern. We will focus on one square per month and everyone is welcome to make as many squares each month as they desire. I plan to make mine in a winter white as a wedding gift for a dear niece. Because I have so many other WIP's I will be lucky to complete one or two squares per month. You can work at your own speed if you chose to join us.It will be fun and we will post photos along the way. One ball of Manos is approximately 138 yds. Each square requires one ball. Come play with us!

I have not finished my pretty sweater. There were students in need on Wednesday night. By the time I got to my own knitting, I decided to have my one glass of wine. I have extended my deadline to one week. That means by Monday. Stay tuned.

My last post directed you to a site with a beautiful video of an autistic child. Her mother penned captions that spoke my heart. We need to stop judging each other. I did not raise my child to be "institutionalized" or feel any relief when he was placed. I too, planned to cure him with hard work,medical intervention, therapy, diet, early intervention, the best schools, and PRAYER. Do you know one of my friends, a pastors wife, once asked me if I had ever prayed for Ryan to be healed? I didn't even hit her. We don't keep in touch.

God healed me instead of Ryan. He has been so much fun lately. Every milestone with him is so sweet. Thanks to all of you for the love and acceptance afforded to our family. What kind of world do you want? The kind full of love...

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