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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stash Containment

Heather the helpful, has come to work her magic eye to re-sort my stash into bins of projects. No longer all the yarns grouped in color families. Now each bin is a project. Handbags, sweaters, blankets, baby wear, shawls, SOCKS... I have a lot of sock yarn. I had planned to be a sock fanatic, and always carry a set of socks in my car or handbag. I did for awhile and them I kept losing my double points in inconvenient places. Have you ever had a family member plop down on the sofa and jump up with a double point needle stuck in their rear??? It seemed funny to me at the time.

The truth is I have more yarn out in the garage in suitcases. I read it was a good place to store stash. I have officially turned 55 today. I believe I have out lived my ability to knit my stash in my lifetime. This is a reality that can trigger the worst kind of midlife crisis. Imagine. Enough is as much as too much-according to Mary Poppins. I will embrace this as I reduce my stash. Last night I sold a stole right off my back. It was gratifying and I love the friend that bought it. May she wear it in good health and long life.If I knit and sell projects, I can then begin again to create a new stash. I am counting on it.

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