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Friday, July 10, 2009

Note to Self - Slow Down

Brynn comes in from Monterey today. It is Friday Breakfast club. Formerly, we all attended a Weight Watchers meeting, but we are all drop outs now! Breakfast was always the best part! I am meeting a friend for lunch and then plan to get home to cook for my skinny girl and try and get some meat on her bones! It is all about food on Friday.

We all dread this weekend with Ryan coming home for his first visit since we have our new reality. Emotions will run high. We are all kind of stumbling around each other, trying to figure out our roles. It can be very confusing.

I plan to spend time with the kids, in the pool, knitting the Black Manos Wool in the heat- wearing a wet bathing suit. Picture that if you want a laugh. I have to have it done and delivered by August 3. I have goals and I need goals, yet at the same time I find summer slipping through my fingers. Just as quickly as the yarn runs over the smooth callous on my right-hand ring finger, the days fill up and pass so quickly. The sun comes up every morning and a new day exhausts me right up until bedtime. So much to do, see and feel. I really must hurry up and slow down...

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