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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Memories Of College Exceed Reality

I had an appointment with a college counselor this afternoon. I have decided as long as I live in CA and Community College costs $20 a credit hour, I must pursue an ancient dream of attending Nursing School. I made an appointment 2 weeks ago with a counselor to talk about options.

June 25th I applied online to attend. It takes 3 weeks to process the request before I get an official student number. I had to request an official copy of my transcript from my former college. That required a lengthy online form, followed by a FAX with my signature an SS# to Ferris State University. Go Bulldogs. It arrived here sealed and signed to be opened in person at the next college appointment.

I had not seen my transcript for many years. My memories of college included every A I had ever received. It did not include the C's that I had logged! Imagine that. I ended college with a 3.2. I apologize for ever bragging. Yes, I made the Deans list several quarters throughout my years there. However, I had forgotten the couple of quarters when I fell short and had less than stellar grades. Never less than 2.8. But still, ...

So, today, the counselor opened the official transcript as I peeked over her shoulders, and we got to work seeing if any of those old credits will serve me!! I filled out papers for 5 different science courses to be matriculated. I also set up my orientation session that is required to register for classes. Monday the 13th, I orient and Tuesday I register. First class, American History and then I will attempt to enter the CNA program. Certified Nurse Assistant. There are only 24 spots and 18 are already taken. So, If I do not get into that program I will add a science class and possibly Algebra. The Rn program is full through 2012. I will keep accruing credits and applying for as long as it takes. I may be the oldest graduate RN ever, but I am making a pledge to complete this. Maybe, I will end up inoculating babies in Africa? One can dream. One must dream!

Thank goodness I carry around my little green Knitsack with a project to keep me still as I wait here and there. Right now it is a scarf and I am almost finished. Brainless, calming, left and right brain engaged, hand work. I hope this old brain is up to the challenges ahead of me!

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Gena said...

Old brain... are you kidding?! Look out academia, she coming back, better than ever with more to offer than she did 35 years ago. You got it girl, tough to see it now, little murky with all you got going right now, but those who love and know you, are aware of what you got and what you're capable of. Way to go for it Marsha!