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Monday, January 26, 2009

Washing Rough Wool

I knit a lovely lace scarf from a free pattern I got in Washington DC, at Stitch DC. That was years ago, but it was my nod to the inauguration. I knit it in what I call- rough wool. It is so fresh off the sheep that it is oily and has little bits of straw and grass in the ply. I bought the yarn at a stash sale with no label. It was black and I wanted a black scarf. Seemed appropriate.

I wanted a nice wool wash to soften the scratchy stiff fabric produced by this yarn. I was going to buy some Eucalan at the LYS when my friend Heather presented me with a goodie bag from TNNA. Included was a sample bag from Unicorn, with a wash and finishing rinse. It was exactly what I was looking for! I love it when things work out so perfectly. Cold water, biodegradable, non-matting, etc...
I followed directions and soaked the scarf for 5 minutes. Then on my final rinse, I added the rinse conditioner for 5 more minutes. I gently squeezed the excess water, drained it for 10 minutes, placed into towels and walked on it, finally laying it out to air dry. It is soft and lovely.
I recommend this product and my procedure. It smells clean, with a soft lavender lingering. Steezy enjoyed the show! Try Unicorn Fibre Wash and Rinse. At your LYS or online.

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Anonymous said...

thats my girl! ya she looks good, too cute tho.
i really want that one purse you have for me, the one that just needed handles? i wannt it-- thanks