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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Christmas Fairies Needed

How much do I hate taking down the Christmas decorations? 10x more than I dislike putting them up. If it were not for my friend Karen, I would not do much for Christmas. I swear every year that I will be out of town. How can I achieve this? Perhaps, I can go away for the week before the holiday. That way I would be too busy for all of the prep at home, with full participation in the activities out and about. I will go to sleep now and pray that the elves of after-Christmas will descend upon the house and work their magic. Then I will send them to Helen's house. That girl needs help! She has more decorations than most small stores stock. She actually displays more than 250 Nativity scenes. What??? I counted at least 5 trees. Maybe more. Now, I feel better some how...

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