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Friday, January 23, 2009

Arabella Moran dines Alfresco

The courtyard of the RSF Champagne Bakery was the setting for Arabella Moran's debut to the public in our area. She did not disappoint. Arriving by convertible stroller combo, she astounded those present in the garden-like setting with her beauty and calm (sleeping) posture.

Proud parents, Alexandra and Paul unveiled the blanket and removed her hat to applause and cheers. Newly crowned Yai-Yai (Greek for Grandma), and Auntie Christine lent their able assistance in the presentation of their charge.

The shutters clicked as she was passed around for cuddles, kisses and admiration. What a miracle a baby is. Quasi-Auntie Marsha was duly smitten. Offering hand knit goodies and babysitting services to the happy family. Three weeks into the whole experience, this little family is a symbol of hope in a world seeking change. One beloved baby at a time...

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