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Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Push The Publish Button or Not?

Dear Friends of the Blog-

Thank you for reading and for comments. I posted a comment made anonymously, that was critical of my Christmas attitude. The reason I posted it is that I believe that criticism is a great learning tool. I reread my posts about the tree and decorations and see where she might get the impression that I hate Christmas.

I have actually been known to say cryptically that I hate Christmas. I must clarify. I hate the trappings of Christmas. I hate the expectations of Christmas. The work to make it magic for the family has fallen exclusively to me for 30 years. Just like making dinner every night. Sometimes, you want a little take out, even an elegant restaurant occasionally.Come on and admit it, being served feels good every now and then. I keep that in mind as I serve. I am doing for the recipient.

The celebration of the birth of our Lord is something that our family celebrates daily in the depth of our personal relationship with God. I am a sinner. Born again every morning in my imperfection. Forgiven. Accepted. Free to leave both the big stuff, and the smallest detail to God. I have no shame in my claims to my faith. I also have the greatest respect for your own belief. Your expression of it is all yours.

In my humanness, I like to complain sometimes. "Evil Marsha" is one of my many personalities. She is the cynic. The one with sharp discernment and a sharp tongue. I pray often that the words out of my mouth go through the God filter. Every now and then something slips through. Oops! I apologize, if my rants and raves offend anyone. I am convinced that most forms of expression, including writing, have the greatest potential to offend. I will not censor myself here.

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Gena said...

Hey Marsha,
You go Girl! I get your humor, love it and you. You and your relationship with the Lord are an inspiration to me.
This is the day... rejoice,