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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knitting ADD

I mean no disrespect to anyone suffering the diagnosis and effects of the very real disorder of ADD or ADHD. I have several members of my own family that are currently on medication for treatment of this malady. I have never been diagnosed with this particular disorder. Usually the opposite. So, please allow my comparative analysis.

I would like to submit that I do have a form of it. It is KADD. That is right. Knitting attention deficit disorder. Do you suffer from it also? I know I have it because I cannot stop casting on new projects, when I have so many UFO's laying around the house.

I have entered a knitting challenge with an end date, to force me to complete a sweater for my daughter. My competitor and I have changed the end date to accommodate our KADD. She was distracted by TNNA and I have started a purse designed by Louisa Harding. It is causing me to knit frantically to finish to see the end results. I love the stitch and am inspired by meeting the designer. I want to knit several other of her designs ASAP. How about the Manos throw I promised my brother for Christmas. I have the yarn!

Then there are the unfinished socks that I put in the car for the waiting times. I hate to pick them up. I may have to admit that I am not a sock enthusiast yet. Perhaps when I master the Magic Loop technique?

I have a lace Mohair scarf that I love to work on and it is beautiful. I made a mistake in the 10th row and it bothers me. I refuse to FROG it. Mohair tends to full to itself. I have it more than half way done. So now I must work the mistake into the other end so it will match and become a design detail.

I want to draft a pattern for the herringbone stitch on large needles and design a bag for a class of the future. I am also planning to teach Intarsia with double stranded knitting in 2 colors soon.
I want to propose it to the MTM (Members teaching Members) committee of NCKG. But, I need to make a sample. And I saw the cutest pattern on the web I want to order.

So, please do not show me anymore luscious yarn or intriguing patterns. Stop the magazines and books and internet research. Do not entice me with your projects or knit talk. Wait a minute! I am the guilty one here. I need to reign it in. Get control. STOP! in the name of love.

My books are being neglected. The house needs to be cleaned. My wrist and fingers are aching. I have it wrapped with a thermal patch and Ace bandage. I have been cooking and eating. That is another story that calls out for control. The issue is control. Choices. Needs and wants. That is the struggle of the day. I think I will knit a few more rows and ponder a plan...

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