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Monday, January 5, 2009

Help for Re-entry

Monday the New Year officially kicks into high gear. Haircut and color. Banking, errands, prep for Bible Study Kick-off. Tuesday is the first NCKG meeting with a board meeting prior to our program to meet and greet the new officers. Wednesday, Beth Moore "Esther" Bible study begins. KnitWits will resume in the evening. Thursday, court date for ticket. (****) I was late for the airport, and the cop was a poop. Friday culminates with the new Elder dinner but commences at 8 am with the Breakfast club. During the week I need to get the Christmas out of the house and back into the garage where it belongs. Did I mention I need a full time job with health benefits? There is knitting to finish and knitting to start. All the while chanting, simplify, simplify...

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Anonymous said...

Go back to bed!