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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Calendar Girl

Not the pin up kind, silly. The last day of the month, turn the page, get all the weekly appointments down, kind. You know. Monday, tutor and craft night. Tuesday, guild meeting and music lessons. Wednesday; Bible study, Book club, Knit Wits and youth group. Etc., etc.

So, I decided to look ahead and write down all of the things I could think of just off the top of my head. I have said yes, too many times. Heaven help me. Some of the things were commitments made all the way through to the end of the year. Have you ever forgotten to turn the page on your calender and the new month takes you by complete surprise? Has anyone else, forgotten to turn the page, and missed some appointments? Hello? I have been accused of deliberate forgetfulness.

I have been trying to simplify. On behalf of that effort, I just say no. I thought I was really doing well with this!? What up? So, coordinating family reunions, fall family church retreats, summer Bible study, knitting classes, birthday soirées, youth group fund raisers, etc. is my way of saying "no". Your lips tell me "no, no!" but there is "yes, yes" in your eyes. I date myself with those lyrics. Old momma with a soundtrack. I digress.

Adopting my little girl Steezy has put a time limit on every commitment. She is my push me, pull me dog. I love her. Sometimes I hate the needs she has. She has not achieved balance according to Cesar Milan. Being a pack leader is not as easy as it looks. Our brains need to become calm. She needs to be calm submissive, and I need to become calm assertive. That would make every definition of me more palatable. Calm assertive wife and Mom would be good times.

Running away from home is never going to become a reality with this calendar...

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