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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Loss and Celebration

In the early hours of Monday morning, our dear friends said goodbye to their beloved grandmother. She was quite a woman. She was at home surrounded by a steady stream of family and friends. Much of the time she was asleep and seemingly peaceful. Yia Yia was a colorful woman full of stories. It was a pleasure to know her. The funeral is tomorrow.

Tuesday I drove a friend to the airport. She was rushing to the bedside of her 47 year old son. Tuesday evening she had to make the decision to remove life support to her youngest child and deliver him home. Bravery and strength. Bev has borne her grief with the kind of peace that only comes from God. Her husband and 2 sons have all died young due to a genetic disease. Yet, she loves to laugh and forward emails.

The loss of life always puts me in the mindset of recognizing and celebrating new or renewed life. Spring is helping me out this week. The trees that bloom are all in flower. The mustard seeds sown by the missionaries along the original California coast to guide them from one mission to the next, are in full bright yellow blossom. The sky is blue and the moon has been full and golden rising in the way that makes it look so much larger than earth. The green grass that marks our winter rains is still in evidence. I plan to go buy and plant some bedding flowers this weekend. I am not much of a gardener. It does not stop me from going to the Home Depot and filling the yard and pots with flowers. When they don't live, I replace them. People are irreplaceable. Enjoy them. Nurture and enjoy...

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