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Friday, March 7, 2008

Odd Stuff

It is still winter in most of the country. We are experiencing SPRING. Shorts, tees, flip-flops and the beach. Weird to reconcile with the eastern relatives.Odd.

I went to a local Mexican drive-thru to order a fish taco. My favorite food. It was so odd to have my order taken by a WASP that spoke perfect English. That just does not happen at McDonalds. Odd.

Teenagers are so literal. With the warm weather comes chapped lips. Evan asked for Chapstick. I gave him a generic. He has a crusty mouth and I asked why he was not using his "chapstick"? He said I gave him suncreen for the lips and that was not what he wanted? He wanted a moisturizer! Odd.

My nephew and his wife have a new baby boy. The first in our family. Dominic is wonderful. The photo of Jeff holding his son has jarred me in such an emotional way. Where has the time gone? What is a kid? Odd.

Time is flying. What do You see? We are having our sunset season. The colors every night are not justified by photos. The best pictures we all have are in our brains. Can't scrapbook those memories. Odd.

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