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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog Park Dilemma

My cousin introduced us to the foibles of dog parks this new year. We have been through the gambit of good, bad,and down right scary experiences. Steezy was so afraid the first time that we did not return for almost a month. Then we tried again and she was hooked. Each visit affords her new lessons in pack mentality and the hierarchy of the big dog.

The internet research I have done was extremely disconcerting. Mixed feelings from the pros have me reading late into the night. Stephen King cannot write more frightening prose. I thought it would be a great time for me to knit and Steezy to play.

It has not worked out so far. I must keep my eyes and ears on guard at all times. My little dog runs like a greyhound up and down the playing field. This action resembles prey fleeing and cause blood thirst in some of the biggest dogs. While many owners show excellent control and restrain their animals, others do not. Twice now, my little girl has been grabbed aggressively by the throat. One Akita and one Huskie. I continue to stay close and intervene when necessary. We left the park on those occasions. Every other time has been pure joy. We leave with every ounce of energy expended. Steezy plops into her bed and sleeps like a baby. I plop down to knit , unmolested by wet, dirty, happy dog snouts in my lap of yarn...

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