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Monday, March 17, 2008

Designer inspired Design

You saw in a recent blog that I had the pleasure of taking classes with Melissa Leapman. Since my classes 10 days ago, the books I ordered off of Amazon have been trickling in. The class on pattern making was a full on math class complete with work sheets for figuring out your own perfect sweater pattern. I have fallen in love with a dropped stitch cable pattern. It works up so quickly and it is complex enough to add a big WOW factor to any project. Only the knitter will know it is not that difficult. Melissa encouraged all of us to make her ideas our own designs. She likes to mentor designers- even feeble former chart haters.

With that said- I will now attempt to write a pattern for a cardigan in my size, with a cotton/silk/linen blend. It will be perfect for the climate here. I have written patterns for many simple things. Some I have shared here. More often than not- I alter a pattern as I go and never record the changes. I will try to be careful. Sometimes I forget to record everything I do, even when deliberately trying to write my stuff down. I will know I have arrived if I can not only write it down, but chart it as well.

Too much multi-tasking. Right now my teen is at home in bed with a fever cold. The laundry and dishwasher are chugging along. The Netflix is in the DVD player and I just put down the 6th Moebius cowl to blog and check emails. Check out all of the hand knits in the award winning La Vie En Rose. Edith Piaf was a knitter and the movie is full of shawls, wraps, sweaters and projects on the needles to distract me from the subtitles. Knitting and reading subtitles requires me to watch the movie twice. Not all bad...

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