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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Workroom Needed

This is the dining room table when I am trying to complete projects. No matter what I am working on- I have no dedicated work space. So I take out my beading, sewing, knitting, painting, gluing, writing, computing, whatever, and it takes over the house and every room has some stuff. It is creative dandruff that dusts every room in the house. Having company and needing to clean becomes such a challenge that I mostly don't.

I need music and a TV in my project room. Good light and a door to shut. Tables all the way around the walls would also be great. Make that a flat screen mounted on the wall. A sewing table with my machine and the ironing board ever ready. A large cork board for my ideas and articles and inspiration. A great chair on wheels and hard wood floors to roll around on. Hey- it is my fantasy....

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