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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Idea Today

I have lost my Gingher scissors. I had three different small pairs. I love those little sharp scissors. They may be floating around in project bags somewhere? But, the point (get it?), is that as of this moment, I cannot find one single pair.

All I can find is my pair of snub nose children scissors that I use when traveling by airplane. Perfectly adequate to snip yarn, but not ideal for fine work. I still have my large shears, but they are so sharp, you should need a license to carry them around, let alone use them!

Knitter's love them some Ginghers. Once a fellow Knitwit lost her Gingher point protector and the entire session ground to a halt while we all crawled around and searched every where for the missing sheath. Protecting the point is important. I have my point protector- but no scissor. So sad :(

So- my solution is to join Michael's Craft Store online where I can download a 40% off coupon. With that coupon in hand, I am off to buy a new pair.

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