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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love My Neighborhood

I am blessed to live in a gorgeous location. Just under 2 acres in horse country a few miles east of the ocean. Before the trees grew so big I could see the ocean off in the distance. One of my favorite parts of living at the end of the road in the country is the way my mind decompresses as I drive home. I leave behind the city and people and follow the horse trails home. I am often surprised by my views along the way.

Lately, with the longer days and warmer weather- my eyes have seen a walking zoo. Magical to me to drive and pass a mother and daughter walking their Alpaca. Sometimes, I see a Llama on a leash. Mini Horses out for a walk are commonplace. This morning a Mr and Mrs out for a walk with a big white Cockatoo on the man's shoulder. Then I park my car in my driveway and the neighbors 3 little pigs run to the fence to greet me. Bliss!

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