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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beware of Bee Swarms

Well, who knew? I wonder every morning, what might the day hold today?? Yesterday was eventful. DDS appointments for Evan and I at 8 am. Evan has a broken car and I picked him up early to head to our appointment. Evan showed me his broken phone on the way and I decided to buy him a new one after the DDS. No cavities reward! Off to the phone store we went. There I was talked into bundling all of our services together for a $70 a month net savings. After the new phone was pocketed I asked him to buy me a Starbucks as a Thank you.

We walked next door. There in line in front of us were my 2 dear friends M and K. They had just been at my house, where I forgot to meet them. Yes, it was on my calender. But, when Evan's car broke down and he needed a ride, my Mother brain kicked in and off I went. Then the broken phone beckoned. I hugged them and asked forgiveness- which they graciously gave. Thank God!

Now I was running late to meet my niece for lunch at my house before work. Called her and she met us at Evan's apartment so we could see his new abode for the first time. Killed 2 birds with one stone there. She and I did a quick salad lunch and I headed to work while she went to my house to pick up some patio furniture I wanted to donate to her. Whew- all before noon.

I rarely will answer the phone while working with my clients. I picked up because my niece had just left me and it was weird to have her call me. The house was full of bees and they were thick in the air over the house. BEE SWARM! I called an exterminator and he gave me advice which we are following. Kim built a big smoky fire and we have kept it going all day and night. This will only work if the swarm has not had 24 hrs to start a nest. I left the house at 7:15 am and Kim found them at 12:30. So, we are trying to smoke them into a new location.

I have stoked the fire all night and plan to continue all day to cover the 24 hours, plus. Last night as daylight began to wane, they attempted another chimney takeover. Kim and I redoubled the efforts and made the biggest fire I have ever had here. I am so grateful for the cord of wood that Tori and Bill gave us at Christmas. Who knew it had a divine appointment?
So, the fire rages and the smoke billows. I hope the bees find a happy hollow tree in the neighborhood. The irony- it is supposed to be 80 degrees here today! Life...

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