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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running As Fast As I Can

What a week. Evan got his stitches out Monday morning. He has found an apartment with his Fathers help and plans to move out today??? My darling LOM (little old men) are in physical crisis. Both are ill with severe bacterial infections and we are trying to keep them out of the Rehab/Nursing Home circuit. I am fearful that I may have caught the bug. I found the 92 year old Friday after a fall. He has had a rough weekend. Now his 90 year old brother is sick. I think of these gentlemen like a Father/Uncle set. They keep their sense of humor- commenting on my choice of knitting a fair isle headband with a skull and crossbones motif! Both have had pink eye and I fear it like the plague. I am planning a much anticipated get away and find this tenuous world just a little disarming at the moment. The treadmill needs to be dialed back!!! Keep on laughing and loving...

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