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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Posting Postponed

I have been away from my laptop. I am here today to avoid work that has to be done. My car got hit in the parking lot of T.J's, so this morning we dropped it off for repair at the collision shop. It will take a whole week! It did not look like much of a bang, but it is a $2,000 insurance claim. Hit and run. Only inconvenient.

I will have my old truck to drive for the week. It has broken AC and needs some work done. Pray that the temperatures drop in SD to milder and breezy. The truck is back home while Brynn is in Africa. We met Brynn in LA for Breakfast and hugs on Saturday. I couldn't let her go to Africa without touching her. I had not seen her since early August. Ryan came along to see his beloved sister and get some of that touch time! Don and Ryan drove the truck home for a good cleaning and mechanical tune up. We will return it to her when she returns to LAX in November. I stayed at the airport until she went through check-in. No tears, just joy. She shot me an email from an internet cafe in Nairobi. All is well. Good people, good work, and experiences to last a lifetime. I am so happy for her.

Don's dear Mom is in the hospital as of Monday. She is so fragile. Thank God for John and Roxanne who are right beside her and Dad. What a week. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

I have a Facebook account now. Why? One more way to be connected to those we love that are far away. I was encouraged by my cousins to keep up with their lives. I don't quite get it, but networking quickly and briefly seems to be a goal. I prefer to express myself in the blog. Stay posted...

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