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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knit Wit Knit Tip

I am in the mood to knit cardigans for the San Diego climate. I love to wear a sweater, even when it is warm and sunny. I enjoy the layering aspect of a lightweight sweater.

One of my tricks for keeping track of sleeve lengths and both sides of the sweater fronts, is to cast them on to the same needle and knit them at the same time. The decreases and increases are always consistent. You use a separate ball of yarn for each sleeve or side. It works out magically and it gives you the illusion of knitting two pieces in the time of one. Psychologically, the advantage makes the knitting even more fun!

I have the pattern in mind, from the Ella Rae Book. Now I will search my stash and set it aside for pleasure knitting after I get beyond the Craft Fair. I also am looking for a loose T-shirt type sweater to knit in white cotton. Realistic San Diego clothing for me...

1 comment:

Heather said...

You found it! I have to finish my sweater before you start yours or else you will finish yours first!