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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Know You Are A Californian

When we moved to California 15 years ago, I had never had a quesadilla. In the east we made a grilled cheese sandwich. The concept of filling tortillas with almost anything before eating, was foreign to me. I quickly adapted and incorporated simple fresh Mexican recipes into our menus.

Sushi was someplace I never planned to go. Now, it is my favorite eating out destination. Fresh and light food is abundant here in CA. The growing season is year round and the choices we have are a blessing. I love to cook and eat. The other motivation to eat well is the sheer volume of green grocers, farm markets, and Trader Joe's grocery stores. I know they are expanding all around the country. It is where I do the majority of my shopping.

So here is a picture of my dinner. Pot stickers and edamame. CA cuisine at your service!

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