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Friday, October 3, 2008

Knit Wits Demolition Derby

Our group is hosted (for free) in a beautiful facility on the grounds of The Village Community Presbyterian Church, in Rancho Santa Fe. Many of the Knitwits are church members. Many are not. We all appreciate our spacious and well lit meeting room adjacent to a large kitchen. Eating and drinking are as important to us as knitting is!

The Church is undergoing a huge building campaign and has begun the demolition phase of the new sanctuary and office buildings. The vision is grand and the site is now under attack of heavy equipment.

Parking is the biggest issue that we face right now. I fully expected our attendance to be down and new visitors deterred from finding us. Not so my friends. We Knitwits are creatures of habit and have always had a routine of parking together near the service entrance. The better to carry in our project bags, food and heavy bottles of wine! That entrance no longer exists.

Now we are fighting with the Drama group, the Men's night time Bible Study, Youth group and the local chapter of AA for the limited parking spots on campus. I try to arrive early to set up. I always have. Last night, I found myself surrounded by knitters during my usual lone set up time.

I usually use the time to prepare mentally for the upcoming challenges presented by my group as we work together to find solutions to problems they have encountered during the previous week. The problems rise exponentially to the new Fall TV line up and the viewing habits of the Knitwits!

So during the construction, prior to adequate parking, we will race to arrive and get the spots within easy walking distance. I will not arrive earlier, as this would lead to others arriving in sync. I call this the demolition derby. I have noticed it occurring with other church activities. Perhaps the best way to increase timely attendance is to play the musical chairs version of parking. Let the games begin...

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Anonymous said...

oh no, dont let the AA members see all your wine! lol
Brynn xox