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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Abstract Chaotic Thinking

This piece of art represents the way I feel today. The black layer is the media input of the world. The presidential race, the stock market, the mortgage/banking crisis, the global economy, the war and the immediate economy at home.

The gray is the foggy blanket of of faith I am hiding under. It is not adequate to overtake the black right now. The yellow is the never ending, hot and brilliant sunlight that highlights my hiding places. It is too hot and sunny on top of the cold and dreary dark thoughts.

I wish it would get cold and rainy. I long to put on a comfy sweater and jeans. I long for a day where the slightest movement could be made without glistening perspiration. A cool breeze and a good sweater can calm chaotic thoughts.

Knitting has been sticky work this week. I sit in front of a fan and continue to work pieces to sell at the November 8th, Olivenhain Craft Fair. The weather has hastened the drying phase of the felted handbags and totes. That is the best part of 10% humidity.

I may have too much time to think. I have stopped watching the news as of today. No more room for negative info...

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