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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knitting My Stash

I have been remiss in my writing due to my excessive knitting. I will confess that I am able to watch TV, listen to audio downloads, books on tape, or talk on the phone, while knitting. Oh yes, I can also be an excellent road trip companion. If the pattern is simple enough, I can engage in civil conversation. As the complexity of the pattern increases, the conversation ceases.

I have been knitting pretty simple stuff, to keep me from being too snippy. It is not as isolating as reading a book. When I disappear into a book, I am truly gone. No dinner, laundry or conversation. It has been a week of intense knitting while watching movies and catching up the Tivo recorded during our trip to MI. I will admit that the house has suffered. But, I have some cool new hand knits for my wardrobe. All knit with yarn from my stash.

It was interesting (read into this frustrating) finding patterns that matched the amount of the yarn available to me. I could not find more of it if I wanted to. In the case of the Twisted Sisters, Daktari, I tried and failed. I blended 2 colors to complete the project and it all worked out fine. Different than I originally desired, but still, nice.

School has resumed as of Monday. It is the all important junior year of High School for my youngest son. My daughter begins her senior year of college. Important for both of them. Important to their Mother as she looks forward to the empty nest. Some of my friends are experiencing the empty nest this week for the first time and the reactions are all over the map. From devastation to elation. I tend to be a realist. I can put my grieve in a box and look at it for awhile, then put it away and get back to the work at hand. Like knitting my stash...

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