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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Party

When ever you think you may have been to the last party while visiting the home state, another one breaks out! Last night down on the riverfront, the marina had their Mardi Gras party. Don played his sax in the moonlight on the boat to an appreciative audience. He has played the sax fireside every night "Up North" and in every living room we've plopped down in since we got here. Last week he borrowed the horn of Mike Goshey. Dear deceased Dad of Roxanne. Mike would be happy to hear the life breathed back into that old horn.

Evan started playing around with the guitar while visiting his cousin Scott, last Thursday. Scott offered Evan a loan of the guitar and suddenly we had a jazz combo. So we took it on the road. It was a true treasure to hear my 2 guys make beautiful music together. All week long we were serenaded.

The cottage neighbors came over to tell us it was the only time they enjoyed the rental cottage music that so often invades their space up there. Don was very flattered and humble (as usual) as he entertained and enjoyed having the time to play. Thanks to Mike and Scott, the traveling show of the Wenskay and Son Jazz combo was a success.

Today we celebrate a big birthday for our nephew Jeff. 30 years old and first time Daddy to Dominic. Then on to the in-laws for a final visit before we take our leave. What a whirlwind.

The Family reunion, The Crystal lake night, J,R & K at the lodge, Deb and Tom at the lodge, Lois falls and breaks her ankle at the reunion, finding Petosky stones on Lake MI, Making s'mores at the fire, meeting new babies, cooking a whole meal fresh from our earth that very day, etc., etc., my heart is full...

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