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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Black Bear Bag

She started off in Encinitas, CA as 100 stitches cast onto size 19 circular needles. Three strands held together throughout,
and knit in the round with 5 decrease rows.

The knitting is brainless and was continued in Detroit, MI from the riverfront all the way "Up North" to the cottage on Lake Charlevoix. There the knitting was completed and the 80 remaining stitches were bound off.

The hot water at the cottage came out of the tap scalding. I knew I had to felt her right then and there. Sunshine, lake and kayak be damned. So I put her in the old washing machine and fired up the agitation and voila! The black bear bag appeared. After defuzzing and trimming and shaping, the Cheez-it box became the perfect drying form. Humidity in MI runs a tad higher than I am used to in CA. So, it did take 2 full days to dry. Here you see it sunning itself on the back of the row boat.

When I get back I can't wait to finish it with some nice fabric from Starry Night Hollow. Stay tuned for the finish photos. Roxanne has requested a firm bottom panel, lining with lots of pockets, and a closure, TBD by me.

I will keep you posted, takes on new meaning with the blog...

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