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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Amusing Musings

I have never been a big fan of Golf. I took it as a college PE course, thinking it would be an easy A. Not as easy as the pros make it look! I have respect for the skill needed to play the game, and understand the attraction for the avid players. It just never has appealed to me to play or watch. My inner feminist must have been intuitively repelled. I just learned that golf is an acronym for "Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden."

When I was a young new driver back in 1970, gas cost .25 a gallon and a pack of cigarettes cost the same. I just noticed that gas cost approximately $4.00 a gallon and so does a pack of cigarettes. What is going on. Has this been a tracking trend. Has anyone else noticed this? I am a non-smoker, and really don't know why I noticed this, but I did. Is this a government conspiracy??

I started a cotton sweater with yarn from my stash that was purchased in 2007 and have run out with 3/4 of the sweater done. I bought the yarn on sale and did not know that I would love it or the pattern as much as I do. I am now willing to pay as much as possible to get more of the same and have contacted the manufacturer, ebay, internet stores,etc towards that goal. What the heck....

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