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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family reunion Views

When the time came to plan and prosecute a reunion I was enlisted by my Aunt to organize. I have a small family comparatively. There may be 100's of people related to me out there. But- I do not know very many of them! Less than 20 are here from all over the country. VA, NJ, MI, AZ, TX and CA are all represented.

We secured the Sho-Sho-Nie Lodge in Boyne City, MI. This lodge sleeps 16 and is on 500 feet of sandy Lake Charlevoix. I booked it sight unseen based on my Aunt's friendship with the owner. It is rustic and well used. A perfect location. Roomy, well stocked kitchen, laundry room, 3 baths, 8 bedrooms and a big porch to sit on. It is more shabby than chic- but very comfortable. We rented a sailboat and a kayak. Every night we have a big bonfire on the beach. I am bringing this blog to you via a nice neighbors unsecured wireless. Thank you neighbors! I wasn't going to even try based on the cell phone service! Spotty at best.

The gang went to Mackinaw Island. My hubby and son are scouting the local skate parks. I felted a 2 1/2 ft by 4 ft, handbag down to tote size. This bag has turned out beautifully. I may name it the black bear bag. It felted to a very nice thick bag with excellent color depth. I have straps in CA that are long black leather and shoulder length. It will be lined with pockets.It is a custom order for my sister-in-law Roxanne. She should get a lot of use from this one. Now that the relatives have witnessed the transformation of a loosely knit semi-sleeping bag to handbag via hot water and agitation- they under stand what I do. Sharing this is fun. Now to teach them all to knit. Two of the Aunts have always knit, but had never seen fulling or felting done. My kinda fun.

I went to the Jones farm on Camp Daggett road to get fresh picked corn, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. I have prepared a cucumber salad, fresh fruit salad and caprese salad. Now, I just need the kids to return to shuck the corn. Time to go Kayaking...

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