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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trending Fashion

I have been buying knitting magazines throughout my knitting lifetime. I have some from the seventies and my latest Vogue arrived in last weeks post box.

I have noticed a big trend in vest patterns popping up again. I went through a phase in the early eighties when I knit big needle, bulky vests, for everyone I knew.

Cindy was an Autumn and she wore hers belted with turtleneck and jeans. My Mother wore her lighter weight cotton slub vest so often that I was convinced she liked that vest better than me. I still have that vest and was going to unravel it and re-knit it for me in her memory. It has been in a drawer since her death in 1984.

Now, it fits me and I look more like her everyday. I think I will just keep it as is anLinkd wear it one day as she did. With a silk blouse underneath and khaki wool trousers. Oh wait- I live in San Diego. A t-shirt and khaki capris.

Knitting a vest is excellent practice for knitting sweaters. It prepares and familiarizes you with the process minus the sleeves. It feels so quick because the sleeves are absent and the seaming is minimal. Fashion has moved forward with all kinds of affordable accessories to make a simple vest the perfect wardrobe enhancer. The vest is also perfect for the climate I live in. It cools off every evening and a vest is the perfect solution to keeping your back and shoulders warm under the stars with a glass of wine in the beautiful backyard.... I digress.

Well, I recommend you cast on a vest for a quick and rewarding knit for yourself. Please go to this site for plenty of inspiration:

Go to the directory page and search vests to be amazed!

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