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Friday, August 5, 2011

Color Inspires Me

There is nothing like a box of fresh new crayons, markers, pencils, or pastels in COLORS!

For the longest time I was in knitting neutral. My yarn palettes were muted and nature based. Classic is still my favorite color wheel and includes every shade of cream, grey. black, brown,white and greige. That is beige with a hint of grey. In other words, the way fleece comes of the backs of the animal donor.

This season has me thinking and feeling in color. Inspired by the bright colors of a washable wool line of yarn just launched, I cannot get enough color!

Check out the yarn designed by Heather Walpole called Ewe-ewe Washable Wool. There is a full line of patterns to go with the yarn and they are all available at Noble Knits Yarn shop. Noble knits has free shipping and easy online ordering. Try it you will like it!

I am of the age where many of my friends have children getting married and reproducing. All of the new Mommies of the world seem to really appreciate a hand knit- and that is a good thing. I have found that the new breed of Mommies also want the hand knit to be machine washable. Ewe Ewe is the perfect choice. It is unbelievably soft, and it washes and dries beautifully by machine! There is nothing worse than spending countless hours of love and devotion, knitting a little love into every stitch- to find out that garment lived it's life in a dark drawer because the recipient was afraid to wash it! The sad fate of many hand knits.

So- KNIT. Knit in COLOR. Finally, WEAR those hand knits.

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