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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Too Hot To Knit? NEVER!

As our country grapples with a heat wave that is no joke- many people put down the needles. Not me. I love to switch to small easy projects that do not add heat to your lap.

These felted bracelets are an example of quick and easy- plus they make a great gift for your friends and you can keep a supply ready to wrap and go!

Every Wednesday I preside over a group of knitters known as the Knitwits. In the month of June and August we meet at a local BBQ joint(that serves beer and wine) and is next door to the local Dairy Queen. After closing down Brett's BBQ we saunter next door and cap off the evening with some soft serve.

The cool down is needed, the calories are not. I am not a big sweets eater and I ask for a kids cone with a little bit of ice cream. To the DQ credit - they have sugar free and fat free versions for sale.

If you cannot cool off with ice cream- maybe this ice cream inspired art will do the trick!

Keep cool and keep knitting...

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